The association "History and Informatics" was founded in 1989, more than twenty years ago. Its original purpose was to promote the use of computers in historical research, training and documentation. Since then, computers and the Internet have become an integral part of everyday life and the goals of the association have evolved. Nowadays, the association is interested in the relationship between the humanities and new technologies. Topics covered include the applications of computer science to the humanities, the development of Digital Humanities, the history of computers and the Internet, the use and conservation of digital sources.

Website: http://blog.ahc-ch.ch



Infoclio.ch was born from an initiative of the Swiss Historical Society (SSH) and of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (ASSH). Its objectives are to develop a digital infrastructure for the historical sciences in Switzerland, to coordinate the principal players and institutions, to increase the visibility of Swiss historical research in the digital context, and to facilitate researchers’ access to digital and international programs.

Website: http://infoclio.ch/en